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The Pink Monument 2006
The Colourful Rush 2007
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curator's comments

'I find Karen's art work refreshingly original. It's colourful, vibrant, exciting and positive. They are happy pictures which make you feel great. Their impact is immediate but the detail gives rise to so much interest that you never tire of looking at them. Karen's artwork has universal appeal for they reflect the diversity of life but they also seem to capture the imagination of both young and old. If it's true that a 'picture speaks a thousand words' then Karen's artwork is like a number of fairy-tales: they take hold of your imagination, present different characters in varied situations and tell magical stories which every reader will find special for their own reasons.'
Susan Braithwaites, Thames Ditton, Surrey

'Karen's work is best described as ‘Folk Art’. Folk Art is a very primitive form of art, where nothing is perfect or real, encouraging the viewer to enjoy the colours, movement and become part of the same dream like landscape. In the same way her work encourages you to enter a world of magic and make-believe, filled with colour, laughter and fun.'
William E.M Plunkett, Banff, Canada
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